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The Hilarity of God

The story behind our COMEDY COLLECTION...

While scrolling through the Gram, I saw a post by the ever-so-funny @iam_cking, a rising and ridiculously funny influencer in whose humor, you can sense the hilarity of God. In his post, he was asking his followers to tag @mtvwildnout so that he could be considered for Wild ‘N Out, a ‘sketch comedy and improv game show’ [1] that appears on both MTV® and VH-1®, and hosted by none other than Nick Cannon. Excited for the opportunity,

I immediately tagged them but as soon as I did, I felt a check and knew I’d done something wrong. That’s when I thought about what Wild ‘N Out really is.

Though I must admit, I’ve never watched an entire episode, I have seen clips. And though the cast is predominantly Black and immensely talented, the reason I’ve never watched an entire episode is because the show pokes fun at, degrades, humiliates and embarrasses people from all walks of life…for the sake of comedy. Though it’s changed many Black young comedians, and their families, lives for the better, I’m not a fan. But before you accuse me of being an old Bible thumpin’ hater, allow me to explain why I don’t support this type of comedy.

First of all, don’t get me wrong. I laugh at people all. the. time. But when it comes to poking fun at their flaws, mocking their mistakes, ridiculing their relationships, and belittling their character and choices, count me out. I don’t believe in that because I’ve been the brunt of many jokes, seeing as how I’m a cross-eyed, plus-sized, 51-year-old woman who hasn’t had dental coverage in decades. I get ridiculed all the time. But would it help if you knew that I am also a stage IV cancer, domestic, violent crime and homelessness survivor, as well. My point exactly, which is why I don’t laugh at everything and everybody.



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After I tagged @mtvwildnout, I quickly deleted it, and though I seldomly share my personal opinions, I did comment that though he’d be perfect for the show, the risk of him losing the oil of joy that God has given him is too high. And though I know the Bible says that our call’s…even those to comedy…are without repentance, that does not mean we don’t run the risk of losing the oil, within the call, in the process.

What I mean by that is though Christian is funny, he’s also anointed comedically. God has given him the oil of joy and it is that oil that we, the audience, find so funny. But when you start using that oil for belittling, demeaning, and ridiculing, you run the risk of that oil running out, and not just the oil in the comedy jug, but the oil in the jugs for other parts of your life.

The funny thing is that he’ll probably be chosen. Though talented, one of main reasons he’ll be selected is because he’s a kingdom kid. Satan knows God’s children, and he’s handpicked opportunities that he knows we want. Opportunities that would be perfect for us…for him. Once in a lifetime opportunities that seem as if we’re supposed to take them. All the while, in our spirits, we know, they aren’t from God. Yet because these types of opportunities have been embedded into our hearts since we were kids, we’re willing to override our conscious‘ and our spirits, for these so-called once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. But at what cost?

The other thing is that the enemy knows that it’s his time to get up off that stage. So in order for him to stay, he has to share the platform with us kingdom kids. He knows it’s time for him, and his, to exit, stage left so he’s offering us opportunities so that we can share our God-given shine with him. Which is why you need to decide NOW that you’re not going to take every opportunity that comes your way. Prayerfully, Christian won’t.




But let me say this before I let you go. Am I saying that God doesn’t want His children to take once-in-a-lifetime opportunities? No, I’m not saying that at all, especially if they come from Him. But remember, Satan offered Jesus three seemingly once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. He offered Him the opportunity to flex by using His power to make bread. He then showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, in hopes He would leave the kingdom of God, and then He showed Jesus the highest place in the church (i.e., the pinnacle of the temple) and tried to gas Him to jump. All of which the Lord declined. Those were big opportunities for the Lord to be known for major flexes and gain notoriety, but He didn’t take them. Christian mentioned that both BET®, and Ellen also reached out to him. Could those be God-given opportunities? I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see where this young man’s decisions lead, but my hope is that he, me, and you recognize those opportunities that aren’t.

And while I’m on the subject, let me clear this up. God doesn’t mind us laughing. Abraham laughed. Sarah laughed. Ecclesiastes 3:4 says there’s, ‘…a time to weep, and a time to laugh.’ Psalm 2:4 says, “He who sits in the heavens shall laugh” and Psalm 37:13 says, “The Lord shall laugh at him…’ So, clearly God doesn’t mind us laughing; just not at what the world finds funny. Yeah, they ridicule, belittle, demean and mock us for the sake of laugh, but let it not be said of us.

And while I’m here, let me say this. There’s hardly ever a time that I read the Bible that I don’t laugh. When you get to know God - through His Word - you’ll discover that God is hilarious. I mean funny, funny. But unbelievers and those who don’t know the Word, portray the Bible as serious and that God doesn’t want us to have any fun. But when you really read it, there’s humor everywhere. In fact, stay tuned, I’ll share a few instances in future Real Issues.

But as for Christian, let’s pray God open kingdom doors of opportunity. In fact, let’s pray for all those doing kingdom comedy today.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, I lift up @iam_cking, @kevonstage, @beleafmel, @mrantdavis, @spiceadams, @kountrywayne, @tonybaker, @johnbcrist, @treynkennedy, @jaronmyers, @notkarltonbanks, @kevoncarter, @lexitelevision, @thechristishow, @annacdouglas, @timshropcomedy, @jorelquinn, and @mtthwhudson (to name a few) before You. Lord, I ask that You continue to allow them to create platforms for You and that opportunities for Your children in other arenas open up. I thank You for elevating those of us called to comedy and thank You for teaching us how to shine above and not with the enemy. In Jesus’ name.

By the way, if you haven't already, be sure to download @kevonstage's app and and read 'The Joy of Tony Baker.'

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