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Gamer Tees

The Story Behind Our Gaming Tees

Co-owner, Christian Sweet's life - so far - has been anything but sweet. Raised by a single parent, he and his mother would move more than 30 times which ultimately led them into homelessness. As a young man born and raised in South Dallas, Christian was faced with the same four bad choices that all Black youth in the hood are faced with: bang, slang, pimp, or hustle. Christian chose the fifth alternative - gaming.

​While most were in the streets, Christian 'stayed out the way' and chose gaming as his outlet. Though he dropped out of high school and caught a charge, gaming continued to be his refuge.

Instead of taking penitentiary chances and jeopardizing his life, Christian chose to stay off the streets and used gaming as an outlet.

Gaming afforded Christian the opportunity to remain inside so at to avoid the many pitfalls of the hood. And thus he started the Boring Movement and our gaming tees soon evolved thereafter.

Our BORING and GAMING tees were designed with hood youth in mind because so often the hood doesn't teach youth an alternate route to staying alive. Our goal is to provide a fashionable roadmap to safety and freedom while inspiring youth to go after their hood dreams. We do this by incorporating gaming into our tees, so that future Black gamers will see gaming as not just an activity done inside the trap, but as the fifth alternative to a boring life of freedom.

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