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The Story Behind Our Prayer Tees

One day during my morning devotional, I inadvertently scared my son. Though I warned him that I was about to pray, he mistakenly came walking down the hall and stumbled upon me in the living room, walking back and forth. Afterwards, he made the comment that he knew why I walked. He felt as if I was pacing because I had anxiety, to which I quickly told him I was not, and this was how I prayed. After I said that, I realized that the way I prayed had changed over the years.

As early as I can remember, I have always prayed on my knees. I'm so known for praying that way that my BMF calls me the 'knee negro". But I must admit, over the years, I had grown tired of knee negroed-ness and asked God if He could spice up my prayer life, or at least show me creative ways to spend time with Him. He then led me to walk and pray. And though I asked Him to spice up my prayer life, I now see that God also desired to give me some variety. Read more...

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