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Co-owner, Christian Sweet's life was anything but sweet. Raised by a single parent, he and his mother would move more than 30 times which ultimately led them into homelessness. As a young man, born and raised in South Dallas, Christian aka Money, was faced with the same four bad choices all Black and Brown youth are faced with: bang, slang, pimp, or hustle. Christian chose the fifth alternative which was a boring life.

While most were in the streets, Christian 'stayed out the way' and chose gaming as his outlet. Though he dropped out of high school and caught a felony charge, he continued on the boring route.

And while often perceived as lonely and lame, the boring life proved to be the safest.

​As opposed to taking penitentiary chances and jeopardizing both his freedom and his life, he chose the boring way of freedom and learned how to legally navigate the hood and avoid its many pitfalls. And thus the Boring Movement began.

The Boring Movement

So often the hood doesn't teach youth an alternate route to success. Boring t-shirts were designed with disadvantaged youth in mind. Our goal is to provide a fashionable roadmap to safety and freedom while inspiring youth to go after their hood dreams. We do this by incorporating gaming into our tees, so that Black future gamers will see gaming as not just an activity done inside a trap, but as a fifth alternative to a boring life of freedom leading to epic success. 


Christian Sweet is the co-owner of Sweet Tees where he fuses his passion for gaming into fashion.  He is also co-contributor to, 'The Do-It-Yourself Guide out of Homelessness', a compelling guide that helps young Black homeless men take ownership of their ugly past by teaching them how to convert their hard hood skills and experiences into money-making soft business skills.


Welcome to Sweet Tees

Home of the sweetest, faith-inspired tees

The legally blind, 50 something, plus-sized beauty, Bible teacher, Certified Life Coach, and innertainer is a stage 4 child cancer, domestic abuse and violent crime surviving author and advocate for the homeless and the hood.


Eleven years ago, she was homeless. Ordinarily that would sound strange, but for her, it was the norm. She's lived with family, friends, friends of family, rented rooms in strangers houses, lived in her car, and at the Salvation Army. During that time God began to reveal the root causes of homelessness while placing it on her heart to be intentional about laughing everyday. Because those times were so hard, she made laughing a practice and out of it our Healing and Laughter & Comedy Tees were birthed as well as a book entitled, 'The Do-It-Yourself Guide out of Homelessness' which  helps the homeless take ownership of their ugly past while also teaching them how to convert their hard hood skills into money-making soft business skills - like the t-shirt business you're about to buy a tee from today! She and Christian are also available for Exit Strategy Consulting with organizations and nonprofits focused on helping the homeless community.

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She's a blogger and future bestselling author whose pen game ranges from children and teen books to anti-recidivism, homelessness, mental illness, hyper-spirituality, Alzheimer's/Dementia, learning disabilities, adoption, hospice/pallative care, healing, workplace productivity, LGTBQ, marriage prep, women's/singles issues, respect and race.

She is the founder of Real Issues Ministries, a teaching ministry where real ones go to learn about The Realest and is a Holy Spirit taught Word Coach (i.e. Bible Teacher) where she humorously teaches on seldomly discussed real life issues in real-time. She is also the founder and creator of a first-in-class Wait School where she teaches outercourse education. 



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