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 Where the Bible, politics, and the streets meet

 Recording history from a spiritually urban perspective.


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Former President Trump has gone on record with his day one agenda, if reelected. What that looks like to people of color in the body of Christ.

To date, the former President has outlined at least 28 actionable items on his agenda that could have devastating effects on Blacks and Latinos

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Ugandan President.jfif
Ugandan President.jfif

Declaring victory before the votes are counted, sounds like faith. Some might argue that Mr. Trump was merely calling, ‘…those things which be not as though they were.’ But was he?



When Does Faith Cross the Line?

By declaring victory well before the votes had been counted would - without question - places a shroud of fraudulence on the results. And though on the outset seems harmless, as Christians, him declaring victory could also be mistaken as faith in that some might argue that Mr. Trump was merely calling, ‘…those things which be not as though they were.’ And that’s my question for you is: When does faith cross the line? Read more

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Presidential Escort to Fulton County Jail

 Former President Donald Trump has been indicted of 13 counts of election interference along with 18 other defendants, of whom include John Eastman, the attorney who encouraged him, Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor in addition to the former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Guiliani, who championed the RICO more

The Church and Politics

We may not all agree on the separation of church and state but one thing we, as Christians, can all agree upon is that the Pharisees and Sadducees were apart of the Israeli Sanhedrin which like it or leave it was the Supreme Court of Ancient Israel. As such, as a Christian, our involvement in political matters is biblical. Like the Pharisees and Sadducees we may not all agree on immigration, healthcare, mass incarceration, equitable housing, DEI, or race, we can all agree that we were a part of the democratic process and should hold some, not all, but some positions in government.

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The Unthankfulness of President Putin

Read stories about the American Legal System, commonly referred to as the Criminal Justice System.



Must-read stories of how one woman of color questioned her faith - in light of race - and went on a biblical safari to look the elephant of racism in the church and in the streets. Get your copy...

Cain-ish Russia and Its Lil Brother Ukraine

When I read an overview of the Budapest Memorandum, it called for Ukraine to decommission its weapons in exchange for ‘$2.5 billion in ‘gas and oil debt cancellation and future supplies of fuel for its nuclear power reactors.’ [1] Over the years, the US ‘doubled economic aid.’ [2] After reading the agreement, what I gathered was that it appears that Ukraine gave up its powerful nuclear capability in exchange for debt cancellation and economic aid. Learn more

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