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Helping first time authors birth future bestsellers

Who We Are

RIP Logos(3).png

Helping first time authors birth future bestsellers.


Real Issues Publishing is a faith-based publishing consulting and writing practice specializing in providing first-time, faith-filled authors the graphic, editorial and promotional assistance needed to self-publish their future bestseller.

Who We Aren't

We are not a publishing house which means we do not acquire, contract, or compensate authors nor do we bring titles to market. We walk you through the SELF-PUBLISHING process so that you retain all rights, royalties, and ownership under the Real Issues Publishing brand.

What We Provide

We provide customizable or all-inclusive editorial, publishing, graphic design, digital marketing design, book promotion and social media management packages.

Prayer Coverage

We bathe each client and project in prayer to ensure we catch the vision and direction of your project.

Bible Study & Research

Service includes scripture research to provide relatable references for your project and verse translation to ensure real-time reader application.

Editorial Assistance

Service includes copy and developmental editing, deep dive critiques, thought provoking questions that readers might ask, proofreading, and ghostwriting, if needed.

Publishing Assistance

Service includes ISBN submission, U.S. Copyright Registration, manuscript submission to self-publishers for softcover and hardcopy printing.

Digital Marketing Design Services*

Service includes one page author and/or book webpage, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and/or Instagram profile and/or banner design for an additional fee.


Book Promotion Assistance*

Service includes writing press release, book pitch to bookstores*, guest inquiries to media outlets*, collaboration requests*, and ad placements* for an additional fee.


Our Future Bestsellers

Felecia Hunter-Burnett

'My Life is a Song'

LaTrese Adkins, Ph.D.

'Jesus is Calling'

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Dr. Cedric Buckley

'A Scientist's Approach to Honest Parenting'

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