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Everybody's Not Talking About ‘It’ 

An 11-Week Devotional to Get the Conversation Started

The New ‘It’: 11 Whole Weeks of Nothing But ‘It’ 

In society today, there’s almost always something new. The new ‘it’ product, ‘it’ device, ‘it’ style, ‘it’ trend, ‘it’ person or ‘it’ challenge. which means ‘it’ often denotes the latest ‘thing’ everybody’s talking about. Yet most tech geniuses, news outlets, top designers, bloggers and/or influencers know hardly anything about ‘it’ so rarely is ‘it’ discussed. So, if they aren’t talking about ‘it’, who is? Prayerfully, you! And after 11 whole weeks of nothing but repentance, your life will never be the same.

Get ready to delve into 'it' with chapter titles like...

Sorry Not Sorry

God Doesn’t Make You  Do ‘It’​

Fake Apologies

Repentance for Cute Sins

Forgiving the Unforgivable

Good People Need To Do ‘It’ Too

The Dangers of Unrepentance 

Late Repentance

Abusing ‘It’


There's 11 whole weeks of 'it'. That's 77 days of how 'it' impacts everything you do. Don't miss this opportunity to uninstall your old way of thinking and download God's upgraded version of 'it'. 


Staci Sweet has rebranded repentance in such a way that old and new school walk away with a fresh take.

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Sweet Logos(2).png

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