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Turning low-performance units into top-performing teams

Providing Productivity Consulting for High Volume Call Centers

​The performance of your portfolio may not be due in part to your customers, but more than likely it's your staff, and more specifically, your supervisory and mid-level management team. Sure you have all the Quality Assurance controls in place but that becomes old hat and a mere smoke screen of low productivity. Our Production Specialists will work with your Management and QA teams to ensure they're not just going through the motions.  Let us take a look to ensure you're getting the best from your QA and management teams so as to ensure your bottom-line is pandemic proof.

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About Our Award-Winning Specialists

Our talented, results-driven Production Specialists have over a decade of award-winning call center experience in sub-prime auto, mortgage banking, student loans, luxury retail, health reimbursement accounts and credit card collections. We also have expertise in developing, organizing and implementing departmental strategies and initiatives that ensure higher QA scores and customer feedback. With a proven background of excellence in performance management, coaching, and staff development, SS&C has verifiable success in turning low-performance units into top-performing teams.

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Well versed on both ends of the call center spectrum. 

Our staff has been on both sides of the call center spectrum; both as the agent and the customer. Therefore, we understand how to effectively and professionally navigate both worlds.

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